Not quite sure what you're asking, but I think you mean, you want to automatically fill customer with the concat'd values of FName and LName..

You can do this with PHP, but only once the form is submitted (remember, PHP is server side) if you want to do it in the browser in front of the user, you'll need some Javascript.. which is a bit off topic for this list.

The general idea though would be to set an onChange handler for the FName and LName fields, and when it's triggered just update the other value:

document.getElementById('CUSTOMER').value = document.getElementById('FName').value + ' ' + document.getElementById('LName').value;

or something like that.

I have an INSERT form with several fields two of which are FName and LName.
There is also a field named CUSTOMER which is the concatenation of those two
fields separated by a space. Is there a way to fill in customer as the user
types in the other two fields. I used to do this in Coldfusion; can I do it
with PHP?



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