Hey, I need some help.
I am trying to parse a forum post using php, but it parses it everytime it
sees the letter, not the thing in quotes. Any help?

function bbcodereplace($subject){
// $document should contain an HTML document.
// This will remove HTML tags, javascript sections
// and white space. It will also convert some
// common HTML entities to their text equivalent.
$search = array ("[b]",        // Bold
                "[u]",               // Underline
                "[i]",                    // Italics
                "[/b]",                   // Bold Close
                "[/u]",       // Underline Close
                "[/i]");       // Italics Close
//                 '@&(gt|#62);@i',
//                 '@&(nbsp|#160);@i',
//                 '@&(iexcl|#161);@i',
//                 '@&(cent|#162);@i',
//                 '@&(pound|#163);@i',
//                 '@&(copy|#169);@i',
//                 '@&#(\d+);@e');                    // evaluate as php

$replace = array ('<b>',
//                 '>',
//                 ' ',
//                 chr(161),
//                 chr(162),
//                 chr(163),
//                 chr(169),
//                 'chr(\1)');

return preg_replace($search, $replace, $subject);

PLEASE NOTE: This is for a phpBB forum, not vBulliten or InvisionPowerBoard

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