JeRRy wrote:

> Hi Subscribers,
>   This message is not for PHP/MySql help in anyway but is posted due to
>   the high level of spam on this lately and some new people to the
>   internet may not be aware of the possible risks people can get into if
>   they follow any of the spam emails on here.
>   If the topic is not related to a list but was sent via the list do not
>   respond to it, either in-directly via this list or the list your on or
>   direct to the reply-to email.  But if your the curious person and want
>   to visit a website listed please do not just simply click the link that
>   is displayed in the email.  Copy/Paste it into your web browser and surf
>   it.  NEVER click a website link directly from a email, even if you trust
>   the sender, it's so easy to send fake emails that may appear to be from
>   REAL PEOPLE but their not!  Get into the habbit of copy/pasting it. 
>   It's a good habbit.
>   Never send money to people you DON'T KNOW!  Never trust an email from
>   someone that you don't know asking to send and or deposit money into a
>   bank account or paypal account.  Normally it's a scam and the money is
>   just going to the scammer.
>   PayPal emails, please update your account info etc.  Never trust emails
>   with an paypal address.  Never click it, copy/paste it or simply visit
> and login to your account, if their is a problem
>   with it they will list it as you login.

Never run with scissors!

There was a message from Rasmus recently which indicated that there had been
a problem with the spam filter - problem had been resolved.

David Robley

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