> Adrian Bruce wrote:
>> [snip]
>> No, not "Obviously", PHP is not well suited for many tasks (or has a
>> high cost to get the suit tailored) :)
>> [/snip]
>> "Obviously " because i am posting to a PHP list,  numpty!  but thank you

>> for the recommendation anyway.

> Obvious in that sense sure ,but just pointing out that there are much
> much much better alternatives to PHP to do your Database-to-web task.
> Most PHP folks have this image that since its so shiny its just the best
> which in fact is the opposite: the nice graphic designers that skin PHP
> projects do very well (images/css/html which are all independant of
> PHP), but its like dressing up a turd in silk, its still crap underneath

A bit indelicate for posting to a PHP list, don't you think? If that's your
opinion, please unsubscibe from the list. There's enough negavitiy swirling
around the world as it it.


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