Sounds like you're asking how to programmatically add your web site to Google's 
search.  I didn't dig very deep, but it doesn't look like Googles API provides 
for the ability to submit (only search) and by Google's "addurl" page 
( it appears that they don't 
want you to be able to automate the adding of URLs or else they wouldn't be 
using CAPTCHA methods to prevent bots from spamming them.

You may look into software like SubmitWolf or some of the others that automate 
submissions and try to figure out how they do it (if at all) but I'm guessing 
it's not going to really be feasible for you to do this... not easily at least.


= = = Original message = = =

Hi all,

I am developing the site using php and mysql. I have to add the url at
google site through php code.

If any one have idea about it, please help me.


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