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> Greets,
> I'm trying to use the load data infile syntax within a php script. The data
> is in csv format. I was under the impression that I could reorder the
> fields during the insert, such as:
> "load data infile 'currentData.txt' into table(fieldName2, fieldName1)
> fields terminated by ','";  The stuff in the parentheses causes an error
> but without the parens, it's inserts OK.
> I'm sure I've done this in the past, but is was long ago.
> Anybody have an insight into this?
> David
> (yes, it's more MySQL than PHP related, but I'm not currently subscribed to
> that list...)

Sometimes a look into the manual is helpful!

</mysql manual>
 By default, when no column list is provided at the end of the LOAD DATA 
INFILE statement, input lines are expected to contain a field for each table 
column. If you want to load only some of a table's columns, specify a column 

LOAD DATA INFILE 'persondata.txt' INTO TABLE persondata (col1,col2,...);

You must also specify a column list if the order of the fields in the input 
file differs from the order of the columns in the table. Otherwise, MySQL 
cannot tell how to match input fields with table columns. 
</mysql manual>


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