On 5/25/06, Girish Agarwal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi All,
         I am using header("Location:
http://dv-medical/phpscripts/test.php";) function to hop from one Page to
Another in My Web Application
        My Problem is I have been unable to get the exact syntax to append
the Session ID to the URL specified in the header so that it is available

you could do this:
header("Location: http://dv-medical/phpscripts/test.php?sid=".session_id())

       If I am not mistaken then with the header function the Session ID is
not automatically appended eventhough enable_trans_sid is set to true.If I
am wrong then please guide me as to how I can access the session id.
        My php.ini file has session.name has PHPSESSID.


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