Again, my many thanks - I didn't know about the 'explode' function - that 
may be a huge help.

Hopefully, I am on the right track now...  thanks!

"Brad Bonkoski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
> Grae Wolfe - PHP wrote:
>>Thank you Brad - That is what I was looking for, but now that I see how it 
>>behaves, I am thinking that it isn't going to work the way I wanted.  I 
>>need to then be able to pass the "ID" back to MySQL so that it will 
>>retrieve just the one record for editing.
>>I guess I need to go back to making the DB create an auto-incrementing ID 
>>number.  Hmmm...
> Well, the unique ID would probably be the *best* way to go, but you could 
> also get the record with the below solution, of course this requires every 
> combination of first and last name is unique...
> if you do:
> $id = "Smith,Adam"
> Then:
> list($fname, $lname) = explode(",",$id);
> select * from table where first_name = '$fname' and last_name='$lname'
> would do the trick...
> Of course this has many "what-ifs" asociated with it...all of which would 
> be taken care of with an auto-incrementing/primary key ID field for wach 
> record ;-)
> -Brad
>>"Brad Bonkoski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
>>>Grae Wolfe - PHP wrote:
>>>>Good Day!
>>>> I am trying to use my limited knowledge to create a VERY simple process 
>>>> to display some of the information in my table, allow a particular 
>>>> record to be selected, then opened on a page with text boxes to edit 
>>>> the information, after which the UPDATE command will be used to update 
>>>> the database.
>>>> That being said, I have a way that I think this will work, but I don't 
>>>> have a unique record number in my table for each of the entries.  I 
>>>> have tried getting PHPMyAdmin to set this up, but I cannot seem to make 
>>>> it work. SO - I need to try to create that ID on the fly.  I figured I 
>>>> could just combine the first and last names to make this ID, but I am 
>>>> not sure what the syntax should be.  Here is the code I have dealing 
>>>> with defining the variables...
>>>>Any help or thoughts would be splendid!
>>>>while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
>>>>$id = $row['last_name'],$row['first_name'];
>>>>$fname = $row['first_name'];
>>>>$lname = $row['last_name'];
>>>>$option_block .= "<option value=\"$id\">$lname, $fname</option>";
>>>Use the dot (.) for appending variables...
>>>so it would be:
>>>$id = $row['last_name'].$row['first_name'];
>>>...or course if you want that would look like this: 'SmithAdam'
>>>if you want 'Smith,Adam' as your id then:
>>>$id = $row['last_name'].",".$row['first_name'];

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