An alternative to cron jobs or scheduled tasks (if they're not an option) is to 
have a marker somewhere (probably in your database) that records a timestamp 
for the last 'gold' update then when someone does get around to accessing the 
database through normal operations, have it figure out how many 30 minute 
periods have occurred between the timestamp and now and update the gold then.

The cron job is preferrable but if you're looking for alternate ideas, there's 
one for ya.

Good luck!


= = = Original message = = =

Hi there. 
I've posted this up on both this list, and the mysql list as I'm not sure
whether this is something that I'd need to do with the php or mysql.

Basically, I am making an add-on to my small website which is a mini online
game. Every user will have gold, and every 30mins I'd like their amount of
gold to go up by 1 (or say a variable say $goldupdateamount).

I'd like to know which would be the best way of doing this, and if there is
a command in php which would achieve this.


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