On 6/3/06, Blanton, Bob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  I'm new to web programming and Apache & PHP so this may seem like a
dumb question.  Is there a preferred way to implement SSL in a website
or web application?  Is it handled using PHP or Apache?  Or both?  I see
there is the Apache Open SSL server and the mod_ssl.  Seems there are
many options to choose from.....

The web server handles the request, so the web server (apache in this
case) needs to support ssl. The web application has to handle it
running in secure mode - so hardcoding http:// type urls won't work.

There are two options available:
mod_ssl - http://www.modssl.org/
and apache-ssl - http://www.apache-ssl.org/

(They both utilize openssl).

Pro's / cons? No idea - you'll need to do some research and probably
ask on the apache mailing lists.
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