Kevin Murphy wrote:
Actually the design is in the code below.... I need to display the counts from all of those queries in a grid. Basically, its just a summary of a bunch of information. Another way to look at it would be a several lines that say something like this:

You have $data1_count NEW records in data1,
You have $data1p_count PROCESSED records in data1,

Instead of

$data1_query = "select id from data1 WHERE status = ''";
$data1_results = mysql_query($data1_query);
$data1_count = mysql_num_rows($data1_results);

$data1p_query = "select id from data1 WHERE status = 'p'";
$data1p_results = mysql_query($data1p_query);
$data1p_count = mysql_num_rows($data1p_results);

$data1h_query = "select id from data1 WHERE status = 'h'";
$data1h_results = mysql_query($data1h_query);
$data1h_count = mysql_num_rows($data1h_results);

You could do it all in one query:

$query = "select status, count(id) AS count from data1 where status in ('', 'p', 'h') group by status";
$result = mysql_query($query);
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
  echo "status: " . $row['status'] . "<br/>";
  echo "count: " . $row['count'] . "<br/>";

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