You have to use the absolute (or server, whatever you want to call it) path.
So like..../home/www/sessions/files/ or whatever it is.

On 7/2/06, Ron Piggott (PHP) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Does anyone have experience in getting unlink to work within the context
of a cron?

I created my own garbage collection function and I am trying to delete
some session files through a cron that runs every 10 minutes.

The session files are owned by 'www'
The cron is ran by 'actsmin'

The 'unlink' command works within the context of a php script when
activated by a user on the web site.

Is there another file deletion command within PHP other than unlink?

Here is the error message I am e-mailed by the cron when it doesn't
successfully delete a session file:

> Warning: unlink(/path/to/sessions/files/):
> Is a directory in /path/to/php/script/cron/calls/script.php on line 47

Any suggestions?


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