Mike wrote:
I am new to Linux and have NEVER compiled PHP. I have PHP 5 and need to
compile it with MS SQL support. Per PHP docs, I installed FreeTDS and tested
it and it works. Now I need to (re)compile PHP to get the support I need to
access MS SQL databases. I am on a Ubuntu 6.06 version of Linux.

Again, PLEASE keep in mind that I am new to all of this. I tread VERY softly
doing this! (I am on a VMWare virtual server and have made a clone drive as
a backup.)

Am I correct that my first step is to see what is already compiled into my
version of PHP using php -m? I have that list.

I assume that my next step is to get the PHP source for PHP 5.1.4.  From
here on I do not understand clearly by reading the docs I have searched for
on the Internet through Google. Is there a place that has a VERY clear, step
by step process to compile PHP?

The install file in the tarball is pretty good.


./configure --with-all-of-your-options

when that finishes,


when that finishes,

make install

once that's complete, you should just be able to restart your webserver.


a very very basic guide to what to do.

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