cron or Windows Task Manager would work if you want to check the status of the 
data periodically, but I believe you can also use Access to hit a web address 
(it doesn't have to display anything) so you could, at time of insert, have 
Access activate a PHP script on your web server that does the database check.

You could probably get the last inserted ID number as well and pass that to the 
PHP script if you want to check specific records right after they're inserted.


= = = Original message = = =

I have an Access database connecting via ODBC to a local MySQL machine 
and doing inserts.  It does these inserts throughout the day.

After each insert, I need a PHP program run.

Alas, MySQL 4.1 doesn't do triggers, etc., and upgrading to 5.x looks 

What else can I do?  Is there any way to trigger something via the ODBC 

A cron job?

I'm open to suggestions.

kind regards,


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