Well, I have a situation where an Order object holds a collection of
LineItem objects and of course they all use the same DB connection via a

The Order object has a method that creates new LineItem objects from an
ORDER_DTL table.

Code snippet:

$stmt = $this->db->prepare($detailSQL);
$stmt->execute(array(':orderid' => $orderID));
while ($row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) {
  $lineItem = new GCLineItem($row['item_id']);
  $lineItem->__set('quantity', $row['quantity']);
  $lineItem->__set('price', $row['price']);
  $this->items[] = $lineItem;

Within the while loop I am loading GCLineItem objects that themselves
try to create a statement object which is where the error is triggered
since both share the same DB connection and the statement objects trip
over themselves.

I get an SQL error HY090 Buffer error...

My only solution was to let the GCLineItem objects create another DB
connection for themselves.  This is not ideal and is a hack in my

I could run a fetchAll on the Order statement object and this would
complete one statement object before each GCLineItem objects creates
there own statement object - correct?  I may have just answered my own
question, but if you or anybody else can think of a better solution - I
am all ears!

Ken Vandegrift
Web Administrator
Sharis Mgmt. Corp

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Vandegrift, Ken wrote:
> Good Day List,
> I have a singleton DB connection that I am trying to use throughout my

> application but It keeps tripping on itself.
> My main question is: If I am in the middle of a transaction can I 
> prepare multiple statements eand execute them or will this cause an 
> error?

There's no reason why it can't. However, if any of those queries fail
the whole transaction will get rolled back.

What errors are you getting?

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