Marcos R. Cardoso wrote:
I'm experiencing a disturbing problem with PHP 4.4.2, Win 2003 Server, Apache 2.0.58 and Oracle 9i.

I've installed all the previously listed in a Web Server (though I've installed only the Net Client from Oracle 9i), but somehow there's a problem with the library php_oci8.dll Whenever I start the Apache2 service the following messages are written in Apache's error.log file: PHP Warning: Unknown(): Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\\php\\extensions\\php_oci8.dll' - N\xe3o foi poss\xedvel encontrar o m\xf3dulo especificado.\r\n in Unknown on line 0

I've seen this when php_oci8.dll can't find the Oracle libraries.
A tool like listdlls will help show what's happening.

In case it helps, there are various installation hints for PHP 5
and OCI8 in

If you're using a DB (version 8,9 or 10) on another machine
check the steps on using PHP with Oracle Instant Client, this
should be easier to work with the the full Oracle client.


Christopher Jones, Oracle Corporation, Australia.
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