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Sorry, this is a bit off topic, but you are the best people to ask.

I am looking for a web hosting service based in Australia (and with servers in Australia). Need Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP and dedicated server hosting. Importantly, they must provide a very high level of security (especially security), reliability and customer service as sensitive corporate data would be saved on the application(s) hosted by them.

Feel free to e-mail me off-list.

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This is the web - the words "web hosting service" and "sensitive corporate data" do not belong in the same paragraph. I know you had security in there, but security is not the first concern of most hosting services.

The first place this can break down is the server - you are usually one of scores of virtual hosts. A misconfiguration, and your files are are exposed.

The second place is the database - usually one database engine hosts scores, if not hundreds of databases. If the database is not correctly configured, your data is exposed.

If there is a real concern about security, your client should establish its own server and database, and engage appropriate security consultants to ensure that it is secure, and to do periodic audits checks to make certain it stays that way.

Next step, would be a dedicated server at a company like Rackspace - I know they're not Australian, but it was the name that popped up in my mind.

After that, a virtual machine within the computer, as, among others, provides.

Shared hosting - not if security is important.

Anything on the web is much more exposed than it is on a WAN or LAN.

So, it doesn't matter much right now who you pick, work up some budget figures, go to your client, and find out just how important "security" is to them. Unfortunately it's frequently seen as more important after the breach, rather than before.

Sorry for rabbiting on, and if this is all basic stuff which you have already discussed with your client, well maybe some reinforcement will help.

Regards - Miles

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