Andrew Darby wrote:
Hello, all.  This is more of a php problem, but i'm not on the general
list and um the cookie problem is part of a php/mysql application . .
. .

So, I have an application where university faculty can enter their
publications in a "scholarly database", but this data can also be
entered by a proxy (i.e., grad student or secretary).  I have a number
of cookies that I set and then kill again when someone hits the logout

setcookie ('becool', '', time() - 86400);
setcookie ('user_id', '', time() - 86400);
setcookie ('andyouare', '', time() - 86400);
setcookie ('supereditor', '', time() - 86400);
setcookie ('now_editing', '', time() - 86400);
header('Location: index.php?type=logout');

(the user_id is the id of the person who logged in (through LDAP), the
now_editing is the id of the person whose records are being edited
(i.e., staff member #19 is the user, but they're editing faculty
member #34's work).)

When I look at the cookies on the page they're redirected to (through
the firefox web developer extension), they're all gone.  And the
becool cookie is definitely unset (or else you'd be able to visit
pages that require authentication).  But when someone logs back in,
and I do my check to see if the person logged in is acting as
themselves or on the behalf of someone, the cookie is magically set to
the last person that had now_editing set.  If the browser window is
killed, however, the cookie really is killed.

If you're using IE it could be related to this issue:

Try adding a path to the end even if it's just '/'.

setcookie ('now_editing', '', time() - 86400, '/');

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