Hey team,

I need some help on creating my tables in the database

For what I want to do on my website.


I want to create a fantasy football league website and view

Old stats from previous years that do not change.

Also be able to add, drop, and trade players with team

Control management. The players (NFL Players) can only

Be on one team with certain roster limitations.


I have started an outline on a word file, but I know I am 

Not able to send an attachment to the list.

How can I do this? So you guys have see what I have done

So for, I really need the help on this. I have a few questions.

You guys would be my hero if I can get this started up so

I can do all the data entry. I want to do all the work, just 

Need help with design of table structure.



Karl James ("TheSaint")




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