Miguel Guirao wrote:

Hello everybody out here and there,

I'm experiencing a weird problem with one of my scripts, I'm using
ob_start() in order to store the content of a web page in a string variable:


The file is actually created! But, I try to call a mail function (not the
mail built-in function) after that code in order to mail the recently
created file, but a get a blank page in the browser, just with the basic
HTML tags if a look at the source code. If a remove or comment out any code
below that, the script returns to live again.

Start putting debug code into your script(s) and see where it gets to.

This is simple but effective:

echo "In file " . __FILE__ . " got to line " . __LINE__ . "<br/>";

and see where it stops.

Check your apache error log and see if that contains any info.

(You'd get a better response from the php-general list rather than the php-db list).

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