I just switched a customer from one Windows host to another. The new host is a Windows only shop, and not overly familiar with MySQL and PHP. My customer has two PHP applications, both important to the site. Everything else is ASP or ASP.NET.

When the new host installed PHP and MySQL, the website slowed down to a crawl. Troubleshooting identified the PHP module that connects to MySQL to be the problem. Remove the DLL and there is no problem. Restore the DLL and the problem returns. Neither PHP app is as yet installed, but we are still getting these problems. Needless to say, we need to access the databases!

The Windows server is OS: Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
Memory: 320 MB RAM
Disk: 15 GB SATA Raptor 10K RPM (Free Upgrade!)
Allotted Bandwidth: 100 GB Bandwidth

MySQL 4 was installed, but was replaced with MySQL 5, hoping this would solve the problem. It didn't. The PHP version is 5.1

Any and all help with this problem would be very much appreciated!


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