I am creating a submit button on the fly.  The purpose of this is to
open up a new browser window and then display the contents of a PDF

The code for this button reads:

<input type='button' value='Psalm 91' 


The window name is prayer_ministry_document_viewer
I am trying to access document_reference 1 which is in a mySQL table. 

@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");
$query="SELECT * FROM prayer_ministry_documents WHERE reference = 

$document_file_name = mysql_result($document_result,0,"document_file_name");

#now here I start to get the contents of the PDF file to display

$lineArray = file($document_file_name);

// make an empty variable first
$document_contents_to_display =  "";

// concat all array element
foreach($lineArray as $eachLine) {
$eachLine = wordwrap($eachLine);
$document_contents_to_display .= $eachLine;

#when I try to display it the PDF it displays it as text with the various ASCII 
characters ---
#what I am doing wrong / what is the correct way to do this
#I know I could simply specify the file name / path following the window.open 
... but I am trying to see if I am able to accomplish the same results this 

echo $document_contents_to_display;



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