eregi_replace or str_replace can do that for you


From: "Ron Piggott (PHP)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: PHP DB <>
Subject: [PHP-DB] Searching PHP strings
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:12:18 -0400

I have been playing tonight for a few minutes.

The following code:


$lineArray = file("/home/actsmin/www/home_page.html");

// make an empty variable first
$content =  "";

// concat all array element
foreach($lineArray as $eachLine) {

if ( eregi("<a href=" , $eachLine) == "1" ) {

#line contains a link

echo strlen(stristr($eachLine, "<a href=")) . "\r\n";
echo trim(stristr($eachLine, "<a href=")) . "\r\n";


$content .= $eachLine;


Produces me output like:


<a href="";>here</a>.<p>

What I want to do now is to remove the

<a href="

and just be left with

and remove all the text which follows this --- On this line it is


Would someone help me do this?


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