I setup Php as follows:

1. Download the php zip file (not the installer)
2. Unzip the files to c:\Php
3. Add c:\php to the path
4. Copy php.ini-dist to php.ini
5. Add and enable the web extension php5isapi.dll
6. Add the .php extension mapping to php5isapi.dll at the the web sites
7. Grant everyone read access to c:\php
8. Enable the mysql extension in php.ini
9. Set the extension_dir in php.ini to ./ext
10. Reboot

I setup Mysql as follows:

1. Download the 5.x installer
2. Run the installer
3. Run the configuration tool ater the installer

When I run the following script, the error "Fatal error: Call to
undefined function mysql_connect() in Test.php on line 3"  is returned.


$conn = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root', 'password')


Any help would be appreciated.


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