> OK, so there is no way how to get error message about mysql_connect()
> function when establishing more connections?

mysql_error *should* hold the error string from the last used mysql
function (excepting itself and mysql_errno), that includes the
mysql_connect() function as it's a mysql function.

> The strange thing is, that it works fine if You use just one connection. In
> this case, mysql_error() function can takes error message from the
> mysql_connect() function...

 However, if you don't supply a resource idintifier it will asume the last
opened link, hence your problem on the second connection failure.  When
using more than one link, you should specify the link resource for
mysql_error(), which is difficult for the mysql_connect() function,
obviously.  I'm not sure if using the returned FALSE value would work,
as I've never had a problem with additional connections.

All of this is clearly decribed on the manual page.


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