One of my programmers did something exactly like this. I can't remember
specifics, but the car code is alpha numeric and displayed in a special
'barcode' font on the page. If you don't store any information in the code,
why not just use the PHP session id?


On 10/21/06 3:54 AM, "Mad Unix" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I am in the process to create an online form using PHP with DB Oracle or
> MySQL, this form which consist of
> 2x parts personal data and finance data, and it will be filled by the users,
> once the form is filled and submitted ,
> it will be saved to the system as reference and printed as hardcopy it could
> be a pdf or not, but the print format
> will be on A4 format hardcopy with printed random generated (internal
> calculation) bar code printed on the paper.
> Then in the central office through bar code readers the date will be
> retrieved.
> Any one implemented this kind of application, if yes  how did you generate
> the bar code on the web form
> through php, and which bar code readers did you use in order to access and
> retrieve the data from the form?
> Thanks

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