show relevant code around the query and attempt to loop thru resultset


From: Vignesh M P N <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: [PHP-DB] Problem with pg_fetch_array
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 15:12:25 -0500


I am trying to display the rows from a database table in a grid.

I retrieved the results using pg_query() with a Select command. pg_query()
returns true.

But when I pass the results $rows to pg_fetch_array(), it returns false. I
even tried displaying the error, if any, using:

pg_fetch_array($rows) or die('fetch array failed: ' . pg_last_error());

I also tried pg_result_error(), but both didn't display error.

It just displays "fetch array failed: ", but it doesn't display any error.

When the pg_query() returns a result, I wonder why pg_fetch_array() is not
able to iterate through the rows.

I am new to this PHP database stuff, please help me in this.



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