Rosen wrote:
i have problem with PHP and Oracle database.
I read with PHP script an sql files like this:

create or replace procedure test_proc1(p1 IN number, p3 OUT number)

p3 := p1 + 10;


And when I execute it I receive an error:
"Warning: ociexecute(): OCIStmtExecute: OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO: ORA-24344: success with compilation error in..."
And the procedue doesn't put in the database.

When I edit the .sql file - all to be on 1 row - like this:
"create or replace procedure test_proc1(p1 IN number, p2 OUT number) as begin p2 := p1 + 10; end;"

Then I have no problems.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

Normally I'd use a tool such as SQL Developer or SQL*Plus to
pre-create database resident things like tables and PL/SQL procedures.

However, back to your problem: use UNIX style end of line characters.
Or build up the statement using PHP string concatenation.


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