Good people of php-db:  Forgive me, this is more of a php than a
php-db question, but here goes:  In a little php/mysql application, I
have users ftp over a folder full of images.  When they "register" a
folder that's not already in the MySQL db, it creates three different
folders (thumb, medium, large) with a looped mkdir().  When they
register a new image in the db, it resizes into the three folders,
then reduces the image in the root of the folder to thumbnail size.

The problem I'm running into is with ownership and permissions.  I
seem to need all folders to have permissions of 777 to work, and then
once they've been created, I can't delete them, because I guess they
were created by the server rather than me.  (I'm on a shared host if
this is relevant.)

Anybody done something similar before and have ideas of how best to
handle this sort of situation?



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