Thanks for the suggestion, Shuping.  However, after configure
"PHP_Source/ext/pgsql" does not have a config.h file.  The contents are:

I installed PgSQL 8.0.8 (can't find 8.0.3) minutes ago, then rebuilt the
pgsql extension.
the result is good, i have pg_prepare:)

So, would you please try this:

1) copy the original /ext/pgsql to somewhere and cd to it;
2) run phpize;
3) run ./configure;
4) if step 3 succeeded, there must be config.h here; check HAVE_PQPREPARE in
5) run make;
6) if step 5 succeeded, you will get ./modules/ ; copy it to your
php's extension directory (backup before overwritting);
7) done.

waiting for your result:)

--shuping zhou

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