Hello php-db-help,
   for the ref cursor, the oci function use 
   oci_execute($cur);// have to execute

   in java mode, the cursor, is return as a ResultSet
   ResultSet cur=(ResultSet) stmt.getObject(someIndex);
   //not have to execute?

   the pdo has the const, what will it do?

   1  like $pdo->query();//not have to execute;
   2  like $pdo->prepare();//have to execute;
   3  or other way? a new cursor/result set class?

i have to do an adapter between oci function, such as oic_connect, 
to pdo mode, like new MyPDO('oci:dbname=dbname','user','password');

   when the pdo for oracle good for use, i want do replace the driver.
so need to know this.
   help me, thanks

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