I need to write a php/mysql application for managing a website for a 
sportsclub. At his point I need some designin tips how to implement the user 
and team administration.

At the moment the club consists of about 30 teams. There are usually 1-2 web 
admins per team to update the pages. The current -crappy- system now has 5 
columns in the user database table and in these columns there are the team 
id's of the teams that the users has rights to.

Like this:
USER    TM1    TM2    TM3    TM4    TM5
JohnW    7            6        12        3

Which gives JohnW access to team's (id) 7,6,12 and 3. Main problems with 
this system are that user access is limited to max 5 teams and that if you 
add a new team to club theres now way automatically assing admin for that 

Team id's come from  the teams table. Both teams and users are now 
administered manually by modifying the DB tables.

So how to write a system that is able to add/remove teams. And here I refer 
mainly to the DB desing (I figure out the code later). Can I put the team id 
to the column name in the users table and like X to the right field and 
add/remove columns when teams are added or removed. Can I write SQL queries 
that return column names that has an X in them where user=user to get the 
team id's that user has access to???

There must be some 'normal' way to do things like this. So please point me 
the way.


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