Hi Abdou,

The " Call to undefined function ..." error is usually caused by an
extension that provides that function that is not loaded or is not

1. Make sure that you have the php_mysql.dll extension on the PHP extension
2. Furthermore if the extension exists check that it is properly loaded by
looking through your php.ini file for 'extension=php_mysql.dll'


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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Installation Problem
> I have just upgraded to PHP 5.2 from PHP 4. I am using Apache 2 with
> Before the upgrade, everything was working well. (Was able to connect to
> my
> MYSQL database from PHP interface. However, now with the same PHP codes, I
> am not able to connect to the MYSQL database instead I am getting errors
> such as:
> *Fatal error*:  Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in
> *C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\viewusers.php* on line
> *7
> Line 7 is: $dbc = mysql_connect ('localhost') OR die ('Could not
> connect to mysql: ' .mysql_error() );
> *However, this was working fine before the upgrade. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO.
> In a second attempt to fix the problem, I dited the system path to the
> directory where php is installed. Now the error message is gone but still
> cannot to the database. Whilst I tried to retrieve data from the database
> using the PHP scripts, nothing comes from the database. Also I tried to
> post
> but the data is not put in the data.base
> Note when I upgraded to PHP 5, I still left the PHP 4 files in the
> computer.
> --
> Thank you very much.
> Abdou Karim Jallow

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