there is a very good menu to do this : see PEAR html_menu
(see http://pear.php.net, search for package HTML_Menu)

this has various menu types. One is the 'tree' (vertical list), the other is 
the 'urhere', which will display the 'You are in:...' menu.

I guess this is mhat you need.
This works very well as long as you have a distinct URL for every menu item, 
which is usually the case.
I guess there is a PEAR::DB wrapper that will let you connect and fetch the 
data from a database. I did my own menu class to fetch my own menu data and 
display of using the HTML_Menu.

A good point is also the 'renderers' wich let you create new layouts for the 
very same menu data. this will help you create special menus for your 


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How do you create a database driven list menu, and record the options
that a user has chosen. And then display the list menu with those chosen
option selected.

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