I have this data given below as sample. Trying to import to mySQL is failing
everytime. There are more than 100 rows of data but when I follow the
procedure of phpMyadmin > databasename > tablename > click import tab from
top >choose the file (csv file) > Click on the CSV radio button on "Format
of imported file" area > put Fields terminated by ",", Fields enclosed by ",
fields escaped by "\" and Lines terminated by by "auto" (do not mention
anything in Column text box.

Doing the above first of all gives me errors "Invalid field count in CSV
input on line 7.". The number of rows is exactly the same in the table and
in csv. It does import but only 4-5 rows of data than all 100. Please

Also, what does it mean about "Overhead" in mySQL. Its size is increasing
and its showing in red.


"Unistar Estates","Commercial","Property Dealers","Mall","NULL","Ground
"Space and Finance","Commercial","Property Dealers","Mall"," Level 1","NULL"

Thanks in advace.
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