I have more than 200 rows of data to show to the user. How can I limit it to
say 25 rows per page and give an option at the bottom to the user to keep
clicking for more till s/he reaches the end of data.

my db code is:




// database information
   $host = 'localhost';      
   $user = 'xxxx';
   $password = 'xxxx';
   $dbName = 'xxxx';
   $hello = $_REQUEST['hello'];

@mysql_select_db($dbName ) or die( "Sorry But There Seems To Be A Problem
Connecting To The Database");

$query="SELECT * FROM xxxx WHERE hello = '$hello'";



while ($i < $num) {


echo "



if (num==0)
<tr><td>Sorry no results displayed</td></tr>


Seems like I am the only one asking questions since past few days. Thanks
anyway for your support. I am just about to launch my site. Just after I
achieve this. It will be very userfriendly.

Thanks in advance.

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