I cannot connect to my MSSQL server.

I use the following connection string:

$connection = mssql_connect <http://php.net/mssql_connect>('server','user',
'password') or die ('server connection failed');

$database = mssql_select_db <http://php.net/mssql_select_db>("database_name"
, $connection) or die ('DB selection failed');

The MSSQL server is setup to use Windows and Server Authentication. I have a
*local* dummy account setup for testing and when using this account I can
connect with no problems, but when I try and use my domain/network account I
cannot connect at all. (my network account has full access to the server,
database and tables) I can even login to the SQL Management Studio using
Windows Authentication and my network account, but still cannot connect
using PHP.

Any ideas?

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