I am using CURL to check pages outside my site on the internet for some
text, then I email someone on my database who supposedly looks after the
site.  The script creates a process that does not terminate.  It is running
on a scheduled cronjob so eventually my site has over the maximum of 20
processes running and it goes offline.

It may be that some of the pages I check are hard to get a response from, as
CURL tries to return the target URL.  I have removed any emailing that it
does and still get the problem.  Is there any way to check that a process is
not terminating after a reasonable time?


Get the php script to terminate after a certain amount of time.

You could also use this curl variable: CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT

in case it's a connection issue... see http://www.php.net/curl

I'd probably also try setting CURLOPT_VERBOSE to see if that reveals
the actual problem rather than guessing.

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