Natalie Leotta wrote:

I need to query my db to find out if an entry has been updated since a date
the user enters (mm/dd/yyyy).

Can I do something like the stuff below?  Or do I need to do the extract
epoch stuff backwards somehow?

$timestamp = strtotime($user_date);
$postgres_format = date(format info that matches the postgres format,

and then use $postgres_format to see if something is newer/older when I do
my SQL?  When I enter things can I use something similar (if I can't use

Depends on how you're getting the $user_date.

If you have separate form fields for mm, dd & yyyy then you can just put it all together.

$check_date = (int)$_POST['yyyy'] . '-' . (int)$_POST['mm'] . (int)$_POST['dd'];

If you're getting it in one form field or a weird format, you will need to do some sort of conversion to a 'standard' format.

Then when it comes time to do the query, it's simple if you store it in date or timestamp format, you can just do:

select * from table where createdate > 'yyyy-mm-dd';

If you store epoch timestamps, then you'll need to convert it using strtotime.

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