Hi Claudio,

1) Check the version of FreeTDS on both systems.
2) Check the freetds.conf file for differences (use the sam TDS version)
3) Check that php is compiled using --with-mssql on both systems
(--with-sybase will give you aliases to some mssql_( functions but not

- Frank

> Hi all!
> I've stepped into an annoying problem when trying to fetch the tuples 
> returned by a stored procedure in a MSSQL database from a PHP program 
> running in a Centos Linux server running PHP 4.4.4.
> The stored procedure returns an arbitrary number of tuples, and my code

> is only working when the SP returns one row.
> The code I'm using, simplified, follows:
>    $db_conn = mssql_connect ("server", "user", "passwd");
>    mssql_select_db("db",$db_conn);
>    $query = "Exec stored_procedure '$par1', '$par2'";
>    $result = mssql_query ($query);
>    while ($row = mssql_fetch_array ($result)) {
>        echo $row["COL1"];
>        echo "<br/>";
>    }
> If stored_procedure () returns only one row, the code executes without 
> any problem. However, if there are more than one rows to be returned, 
> the program not only blocks, but also eats all the server's memory.
> I've run this program also in Ubuntu with PHP 4.4, and it works without

> any problem, so I'm thinking it may be either a configuration problem of

> the centos server, or a bug in the PHP version.
> Do you have any hint to solve this? I would appreciate any advice.
> Thanks in advance,
> Claudio
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