> Forget to tell you, that if I used http://localhost <http://localhost/>
> , the session running well...
> But if I change with http://hostname <http://hostname/>  , the session
> wasn't running...

http://localhost and http://hostname/ are 2 COMPLETELY different things and can 
reflect NOTHING to do with privlidges.  However if localhost works and hostname 
does not and hostname hits back to your machine than you have a problem more 
likely with your module.  I think 5.2 had the issues with directives handling 
sessions.  Update your PHP now, never use an older version.  NEVER!      You 
should never use an older version of anything net related in my opinion.  Your 
crazy if you do, your inline to be attacked if so and your also in line to have 
problems like this that are generally out dated because the newer release 
normally fixes common errors.

It's like contacting Microsoft for help on Windows 98 now, they won't offer 
any.  Same applies here, update all your modules and the problem will more 
likely be fixed and people will be even more happier to help you.

It's hard to help someone if I have installed a different version than you.  
But can you do an update?

Sessions can be so tricky at times, even if you think you have it all right 
they seem to always give you grief.

Goodluck with it.


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