Not PHP or MYSQL related but relates to the use of this DIGEST using Yahoo! 
Mail (beta).  Is there anyone else that uses Yahoo! Mail (beta) and recieves 
these DIGESTS?  I don't mean the single emails you get but the DIGEST.  

If I go back to the OLD version of the mail and view any DIGEST email from 
php-db at the start of each email it shows the HEADER of the sender, but using 
the BETA version of the mail it skips the header, is there a way to produce the 

It's a bit annoying and harder to manage the DIGEST now.  But only seems to be 
occouring in the beta version.  Maybe it will be fixed in the main release, I 
don't know.  Anyone else come accross this?

Maybe an easy fix is to change to the manual mails and get off the digest form. 
 Since there is not alot of emails generated through the list this time of the 


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