You are the right.
Is possible use mysql_insert_id() and it need not stack the queries and
confirm these one by one.

Thanks a lot!!

OKi98 wrote:
> marga wrote:
>> Is not possible to use mysql_insert_id() and assing it in a php
>> variable, because
>> mysql_insert_id() is executed after the COMMIT, I think.
> wrong, it is possible to use mysql_insert_id() during the transaction.
> the code should look like this:
> mysql_query("start transaction");
> if (mysql_query(insert into first table)) {
>  $id=mysql_insert_id();
>  if (!mysql_query(subsequent inserts)) $error=1;
>  }
>  else $error=1;
> mysql_query((isset($error)) ? "rollback" : "commit");


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