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I have a date field in mysql called event_end .

I want to run a query to find all records where the event_and is greater
than today's date. I have written the following code. It does not work.
Please point out the mistake.

$today = getdate();
 $sql="select * from events where event_end>'.$today.' order by event_start
Asc ";

Because PHP allows you to quote variables inside strings surrounded by " " characters, your string $sql passed to the database will actually be as follows

select * from events where event_end>'.array.' order by event_start

which you would have seen if you had used print($sql) to debug this. The reason if prints "array" is because - well getdate() returns an array, which you would have seen if you'd RTFM : array getdate ( [int timestamp] ).

And there are dots surrounding the word `array` because - well, you put them there and used single quotes to ensure they were output literally in the string, rather than closing the string using a matching double quote character then re-opening it with another double quote character after the $today variable.

Probably I would use the date() function to generate that date as a *string*, and make sure I quoted that string correctly when making the $sql string, eg like

$today = date('Y/m/d');
$sql = "SELECT * FROM events WHERE event_end> '".$today."' ORDER BY event_start ASC";

Cheers - Neil
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