I've been struggling to figure a way to determine if a mySql filed type is 
auto inc.
Any ideas?

Iv'e written a function that will INSERT form data which has the exact field 
names as the mysql table, thus looping through the table names and then 
building a query string for the insert. However I'd like to skip a field 
that's autoinc. That can be done if there's no hidden field in the form with 
the same name. I've created another function that updates a table but only 
with values in the http form that have changed, using the same logic as 
above, except I have to have a hidden field of the autoinc field so I know 
whcih row to update. Obviously the autoinc field won't be changed.

Thanks a million in advance.

John L. Creed
pcExpressWay Consulting
dBASE Gold Charter Member 210

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