$txt.="<h1>TEST CONNECT</h1>";
// to have this working:
// 1- u  have first to creat ur access database using MS
//     Access  (i asume u know how to do this). My database
//     that i used in my example is called "Questionaire.mdb".
//     the table in it is called "Results"
// 2- then u have to add this database to ODBC in the
//     control panel.
// 3- the adition happens by adding "MS Access Driver" to the
//     "System DNS" tab in ODBC Data Source Administrator. if
//     u have that "MS Access Driver" in "User DNS" tab, then
//     u have to delete it.
// 4- click on Add in the "System DNS" tab.
// 5- choose "MS Access Driver" from the "Creat New
//     Database Source" window and click finish.
// 6- then the "ODBC MS Access Setup" window will pop-up.
// 7- give the driver the name that you want to use in your
//     PHP scripting. i used here "MSAccessDriver".
// 8- after this, choose the "Select" button in "ODBC MS
//     Access Setup" to set the path of your Access database.
// 9-then u r done!!
// this odbc_connect does the connection to the driver i
// created in the ODBC Administrator

$con= odbc_connect(gundamDB, gunawan,'' ); //=> for the first i don't use
config yet
if ($con)
 echo "odbc connected

 echo "odbc not connected

odbc_close($con) ;

 echo '<p> <a href=index.htm>return</a>';

the question is..
$con= odbc_connect(gundamDB, gunawan,'' );
in odbc.. i make the user landavia and password landavia
but this return able to connect.. is there something wrong???

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