From: "Santiago Zarate" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: [PHP-DB] OLAP Multidimensional databases and PHP
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 13:37:01 -0400


I'm the kind of PHP guy that people is scared of... i am Too curious :D.

So lately at the company i've been working for like 6 months, they are going
to migrate a OLAP program, to, since i think php could do a better
work... since it can be expanded... well i was looking for information about
how to work with OLAP and PHP, but that's not all.. i also would like to
know if someone here knows about multidimensional databases~ and could
explain me a lil bit... i've got some vague ideas... but they arent that
good for me to explain very well...

Note that this program its called "Rotator" it has 2 parts, the Modeler (The
one which builds your tests), and the analyzer (The one who takes your
tests, and lets you analyze it via OLAP) its a very powerfull tool... and
welll... my boss (He did the whole thing in Vb) agreed to work with it under
BSD licence if he can do it with PHP... so consider the "BOOM" thatr
something like this will help PHP and more the Opensource comunity...

Anyone interested in helping?~

Can anyone tellme where to go?... i really wanna know how to work with olap
and multidimensional databases, not just for teh fact of the rotator's
migration, but for the knowledge it has...

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