Project "phpexplorator" ('phpexplorator') has released the new version of 
'phpexplorator'. You can download it from by following this 
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Description: phpexplorator is a web interface to remote explore, manage,
preview , edit, create, copy, rename, download, upload, zip, unzip ...etc,
files, images, and directory in the server site. Integrated with TinyMce,
useful for computer programmer and admin

Release Name: 2.0
This new version can preview images in all your disk, and download a folder
in zip format. Explore your file remotely will be now very fast and will
more informations. Support preview of text files and images files. More than
50 new functionalities are available in this new version. All was write in
object oriented, you easily  use his file to be class and integrate it in
your personal application.
Thank and use with caution this admin appplication.

- Better interface
- 4 differents login mode (challenge form, basic, url, apache, no)
- All object oriented
- More informations on files.
- More command to be use
- Preview of images
- Download directories
- Zip compression and download list of files and folders
- More configutions option
- Correct some bugs
- Move and copy array of folders and files with one click
- support apache icons, and apache configuration
- Icon internal saved in base64..etc

Eric Herve Tchouamou
Via Portofino, 8 - 10135 Torino - Italy
phone: +39 011 3720145
Cel: +39 328 6928649

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