You can't use that column type as an index because it's variable length.

Make it a varchar or something that's definite to index it.


On 02/09/2007 03:56 PM, John Pillion wrote:
I am trying to set an index on a field in my table, but am getting the
following error:

    BLOB column 'ReadBy' used in key specification without a key length

The fieldtype is blob, though I get the same error whether blob or text, or
the medium and long versions of each.  My first though, based on the error,
was I needed to set a length to the field - but it won't accept/store any
length I give it (because it's a variable length?)

I'm using mysql on from 1and1 (hosting provider), though I don't know what
version they're running

.. any thoughts?

As an alternative, how much less efficient would it be to do a ".LIKE
'%mystring%'" versus a MATCH..?

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