Thanks much ... this has been achieved now. However, there is another issue.
Say for example, the user wants to search 'Chriscarter' but puts into the
search field 'Chris Carter' how is it that I can take only the 'Chris' out
of the search string and present the matching searches from the database?

Any clue or link would be of great assistance.

Thanks again.

Micah Stevens wrote:
> Send your query out on the list. That would give us something to work 
> on. This should be very easy..
> select * from tablename where column like '%$search%'
> or something of that nature. What are you doing?
> -Micah
> On 02/10/2007 08:49 PM, Chris Carter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have to send results to the users based on their search. Have got a
>> combined serach option in which data is searched from two different
>> fields
>> and based on the match the result is sent or an error message (quite
>> simple). Now I need to change this, the one column of data is from a
>> field and have to seach for a perticular text from another column that is
>> TEXT. So there could be data like "Apparel | Footwear | Toys | Watches".
>> If
>> the data matches the "Toys" the result is sent. The issue I have is quite
>> simple, its not working. Is there anything special that needs to be done
>> with the TEXT column?
>> Please advice, many thanks.
>> Chris
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